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I can help you by providing . . .

  • Status reports on legislation

  • Help with problems you may encounter when dealing with state government and its agencies

  • Copies of AR House and Senate bills and state laws

  • Senatorial Citations and Certificates of Recognition to commemorate 50th anniversaries, 100th birthdays, special achievements like Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Gold awards, or other important occasions



If you have any questions or concerns with anything involving Arkansas state government or would like to express your opinion on an issue, please do not hesitate to contact me. I pledge to strive to make state government more accessible and helpful to you. Listed below are several of the services that I invite you to utilize.


What you can do for me…

  • Let me know your problems. When you encounter bureaucratic red tape and frustration, tell me about it.

  • Let me know when your community organization or municipality is seeking state funding.

  • Do you need an answer in regard to state government? Maybe I have one. If not, I will certainly try to obtain the answer for you.

  • Feel free to call, write, or stop in to my offices to share your opinions on pending legislation. I can best serve you when I know your feelings and have the benefit of your ideas.

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